Lip Filler

What Products do you use?

Skin1st, use only reputable, branded productswith a long safety profile such as Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal Kiss, Belotero,Perfectha and now Dermafill a 4th generation filler,. from genuine suppliers.  These are natural HYALURONIC ACID fillers which means they gradually readsorb over a period of time.  They are not permanent fillers. We do not inject permanent fillers at this clinic, which are those that are commonly documented to have side effect portrayed in the media.  The fillers we use, can be dissolved instantly if needed. If you have a brand preference, please let us know in advance so we can be sure we have it in.  Andrea has a passion for Aesthetic Medicine and is trained in advanced and masterclass techniques unlike many others in the industry.  This is Andrea's full time employment and she has performed over 30,000 treatments safely! You too can have Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner style lips no Leslie Ash or Pete Burns disasters at Skin 1st!


What Is The Difference Between All the Different Lip Fillers?

There are many different manufacturers of lip fillers. They all call their products different names, Smile, Kiss, Volift & Volbella for example.  They are all made from hyaluronic acid and most have a numbing medication mixed into each syringe. there are differences with the molecular structure of the lip filler gel between some brands.  Some brands only offer 0.5ml sized syringes and some only 1ml sized syringes with some brands being available in both sizes. Each syringe is pre-packed in a sterile pack. You will notice that some brands are a little more expensive than others.  This is due to the most expensive brands having a more densely packed molecular structure so that the manufacturer can claim that the filler will last longer than others, sometimes lasting up to one year, and some have a smooth blendability so fewer risks of becoming "lumpy."  However I have found even the most common lip filler, in my clinic is Juvederm Smile, can still last up to one year in many clients.  Andrea will always advise you on what brand to choose during your consultation.


What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance in the body. it is found in virtually every part of the body. With such a widespread occurrence, it is logical that HA also has multiple functions. Scientific studies have shown that

HA improves skin hydration, stimulates production of collagen in skin, works as an anti

oxidant and free radical scavenger, maintains skin elasticity, cushions joints & nerve tissues.


Are Lip Fillers Right for Me?

Lip fillers can be performed on anyone over the age of 18, male or female. However,pregnant or

breast feeding women cannot have this treatment. Fillers are great for redefining lost natural

contours, for example your cupids bow, lip line and sagging outer lip corners.  People who

smoke or have sun damage suffer terribly with severe lip lines and lip fillers can also help

reduce how visible these are too.  Lip fillers can reduce the gap or distance between the nose

and top lip line (this is very aging if this skin is lengthened and flattened).  Lip fillers can

correct asymmetry of natural or previously treated lips, redefine your lip line and replace lost

volume.  Lip fillers can correct sagging mouth corners, redefine vermillion borders, philtrum

and cupids bow as well as "smoker's lines."  If you have had semi permanent lip tattoo

outside of your natural lip line please book a consultation first for assessment.  Lip fillers can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire!  If you currently have permanent fillers in your lips, or have been previously injected with fillers by someone who isn't a Doctor/Dentist/Nurse, Andrea will not inject you, please respect this professional decision. You may need a course of filler treatments to achieve the result you desire, spaced a few months apart. Being realistic on the results achievable is paramount and correction to within 1-2mm may not be possible due to the movement of skin flesh and muscle around the lip.


I Have Other Lip or Personal Issues though?

These are a few of the issues my clients have asked me over the years, so I've popped them here for anyone who may have similar issues.


I have a dental brace fixed, can I still have lip filler?

Andrea advises to wait ideally until the brace is removed as the monthly brace adjustments move your teeth which in turn support the lip soft tissue and can make the filler appear uneven.


I have false teeth or a dental bridge/caps/crowns?

Yes, you can still have lip filler. Tooth loss and shrinking gums can negatively affect the appearance of the natural lip.  You may need more lip filler than anticipated to achieve the best look, even if you only wish a small enhancement.


I am terminally ill, can I have lip fillers to help me feel better about myself?

Usually once you become terminally ill, you are able to have any treatment you desire. If you are unsure, please check with your oncologist.  Andrea's experience is that most of the oncologists give thier patients the go ahead to fulfill whatever makes them happy for the time they have left.  Many terminal illness can dramatically change an individuals' appearance as the disease progresses.  As sad as it is, if this is your situation and you know you will feel fresher and lifted, then go ahead.


I have malignant melanoma and have regular reviews at the hospital, can I have filler?

It depends where your melanoma is essentially and you would definitely need your oncologists permission to have any filler at Skin 1st. Remembering some scans can affect filler and there is a risk filler may "hide" what the professionals are checking for. Andrea usually advised not to have filler or Sculptra treatment during your monitoring time at the hospital.  It is always best to discuss this with the oncologist who is treating you too.


I have scarring over or around my lips from cold sores or trauma, can I have lip filler?

Yes you can. Andrea has reconstructed a lady's lip that had been bitten off from a dog attack. The "pink" cannot be replaced but the shape can be improved subject to the "stretch" we can achieve.


How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

Skin 1st prefer a plain and simple pricing system and lip fillers are quoted in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes priced at £165 for 0.5ml and £250 for 1ml.  You may need different quantities depending on the shape and effect you wish to achieve. Andrea will advise you how much you will need at your appointment and you can have your lips contoured, shaped and plumped over a number of appointments if required.


How Long do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers typically last 6-9 months however there are a very small portion of the population who metabolise hyaluronic acid very quickly and need repeated treatments earlier than this.  Unfortunately, if you are someone who has tried most of the leading brands and you still metabolise the filler prematurely, there are no other options at this time.  However, many people get much longer than 6-9 months. Some brands can last longer up to and even longer than 1 year in some clients.


What Should I Do Before My Treatment?

Ideally you should avoid alcohol, omega 3 and fish oil supplements for 48 hours as these supplements thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising. If you are known to suffer cold sores at or around the treatment site you will need to commence anti viral medication on the day of treatment.  Andrea can issue a private prescription for treatment. Purchasing a new lip balm/lipstick is advisable to prevent the risk of infection from existing make up. Lip makeup must be removed prior to the treatment.


If you have purchased numbing cream prior to your appointment you can apply this 1 hour before your treatment.  It must be thickly applied 3-4mm thick, visibly white to be effective. if it is removed or becomes clear, it will not be effective. Numbing cream is not rubbed into the skin it is smeared thickly on the surface and left.


You should start studying different lip shapes to see which one you would like to achieve Andrea will inform you if your choice is possible considering your own contours. If you have any cuts bruises or skin infection, cold sores, on the lip area on the day of your treatment you should reschedule your appointment to avoid complications from infection.


What Happens During the Appointment?

Andrea will take a medical history, you will complete a consent form and have before

and after pictures taken of your lips for your medical records.  Andrea will take a brief

look at your teeth as crooked teeth can effect how the lips lie . A numbing cream will be

applied to the area and in some cases a dental block procedure will be performed,

however these are becoming much rarer these days as the lip fillers also have a numbing

medicine inside them making these treatments much more comfortable.  You will be

offered an ice pack too for comfort and reduce bruising. We have a video at the top of this page of one of our clients and Andrea performing the treatment.  Lips swell quickly after this trauma so the treatment is performed quickly so the filler can be inserted evenly. Swelling commences immediately after the very first injection!


Andrea will assess and advise you how much filler you will require to achieve your result.


What Aftercare Do I Need To Follow?

  • Do not apply any pressure to newly treated lips. No kissing, no massaging of the lips, no firm wiping or pressure, no lip scrubs for 72 hours.

  • Do not have hot drinks for at least 1 hour to avoid scalding the lips.

  • Do not apply used lipsticks for 24 hours as they contain bacteria.

  • Apply, very gently, by tapping,the provided sterile lip balm to keep the lips hydrated during the swelling stage.

  • Do not have any scheduled dental treatments or any other procedure that stretches the newly injected lips for 72 hours.  Mouthwash and teeth brushing is fine however.

  • No swimming, sun exposure, saunas, sunbeds for 7 days, to allow the injection points to heal without risk of infection.

  • Do not massage the lips. The products we use do not require home massage and you may move the filler to an undesired look by doing this.

  • Do not have any semi permanent lip tattoo/colouring within 1 month either before or after lip fillers.

  • If you suffer from cold sores ensure you take the medication that we provide you the prescription for.

  • You may apply a cool compress if the lips are tender or bruised and gently apply concealer if required.

What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

Initially your lips will feel tight and swollen but still feel numb for an hour or so. They will feel more swollen to you, than they actually appear to others.  Sometimes bruises are evident and the lips may look uneven. The swelling caused by the injections, can vary vastly between people.  You are advised to keep the lips hydrated and moist to prevent chapping during the swelling by using your new lip balm. You should gently tap the hydrating balm gently onto newly treated lips rather than rubbing it on, to prevent misplacing or metabolising the filler. It is completely normal to experience any or all of these symptoms after a lip treatment and they DO NOT need reporting to the clinic.


Lip fillers attract up to 100 times their weight in water so will look better the more hydrated you are.  Once the numbing resolves, you may feel a prickling sensation, throbbing and soreness. Simple analgesia will help if you find this uncomfortable.


If you are driving afterwards Andrea always advises you concentrate on the road and traffic not your luscious new lips!  You will be able to speak, pucker and kiss normally once the tenderness has settled.  Clients usually do not have any "downtime" and can return to normal activities immediately however please avoid extreme heat treatments and sunbeds for 7 days.


Swelling usually subsides within 24-48 hours. Bruising can take a little longer to settle, up to 14 days,  but usually covers with lipstick or concealer.  By 2 weeks your lips will feel soft and natural. Some lips may need a month to settle completely especially if bruising has been more severe. If you need repeat treatments these can be performed, the soonest, 1 month after the previous session.


Anti viral medication, if required should be taken 5 times daily for 5 days to prevent the cold sore virus damaging the filler, the private prescription costs £5 to obtain from the clinic, then the chemist will charge a private dispensing fee. This is usually much cheaper than an NHS prescription.


What Problems Can Happen with Lip Fillers?

Although we take the upmost care to avoid complications unfortunately they can still happen. Sometimes the filler can harden especially in clients with excessively scarred lips from previous damage or recurrent cold sores, or previously badly placed or permanent filler.  However Andrea massages the filler to prevent this from happening.


Even more rarely granuloma or vessel occlusion can occur. Large amounts of filler are not inserted in one session at Skin 1st to reduce the risk of side effects. Be patient you are on a lip journey to gently contour the lips over a period of time.  On the rare occasion an unwanted side effect occurs,  the filler can usually be dissolved immediately.  Vessel occlusion is very serious and needs immediate attention and symptoms are usually evident before you leave the clinic but can occur later. Vessel occlusion by filler prevents the natural blood supply reaching the tissues, showing as a pale white area and feels extremely painful. Not to be confused with pale areas of previous scarring by cold sores or loss of natural pink pigment. If you think you may have this please email Andrea immediately so she can administer medical treatment.


It is advisable to gradually, over time, enhance and stretch the lips with filler so the risk of this is minimised. Andrea calls this your lip journey. Depending on the look you require it can take a number of treatments over a number of appointments to achieve the look you want. If any small lumps are palpated after 1 month of treatment they can be safely massaged away.  If you feel any hard lumps after 1 month please book a consultation so we can assess and treat them if you are unsure.


Rarely, infection or bio-film infection can occur many months after the filler has been inserted.  This will feel hot, sore, you may have a fever, there may even be pus evident, or swelling where the filler had been inserted.  If you are concerned you have an infection after a treatment please book a consultation, for a face to face medical assessment, we do not provide an out of hours service.


If you are worried you may have an uneven lump of filler after the healing process has completed, which is 28 days, please book a consultation appointment only via the online booking system. Consultations for existing clients are free, any deposit paid will be refunded. Andrea can then assess and sort the problem out.


I Have had Lip Filler Elsewhere and it Didn't Last Very Long, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Yes, there is. Andrea uses many different brands and sometimes a different brand is required, a different technique, quantity or simply a recheck as you often become so used to feeling the filler, you may not realise it is still there. Andrea can check if any filler is remaining and advise on your aftercare too. Many clients are so proud of their lip filler they keep touching and rubbing them, popping and wiping different lip colours and this will metabolise the filler more quickly. If you have metabolised the filler more quickly than expected - a different brand should be tried- this often sorts the issue out. Unfortunately some clients truly metabolise filler more quickly and this cannot be predicted. If you are in this category and all the above has been tried then there is little else that can be done at this time and we do not advise having permanent filler.  Unfortunately no refunds or discounts are available if you are in this category and we are trying different products and techniques.


Can I Share My Filler Syringe With Someone Else to Reduce the Cost?

Absolutely not!  This is very dangerous practice and anyone found doing this can be reported to the authorities.  Anyone found doing this is practicing illegally and runs the risk of infecting you with serious diseases that cannot be cured, for example HIV/Hep B/Hep C.  Even if you are related to the other person, in an intimate relationship with them or even if the needle is changed to a new one, this is not safe and not medically acceptable to do.  If you do not require your whole syringe, it can be used elsewhere on your own body where you may need a little more hyaluronic acid or discarded.

Plumpness & Symmetry
Plumpness & Symmetry

Improving volume, symmetry without going too far.

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beginning of lip journey
beginning of lip journey

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Gentle Restoration
Gentle Restoration

Gentle preservation & restoration of lip landmarks.

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Plumpness & Symmetry
Plumpness & Symmetry

Improving volume, symmetry without going too far.

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